Working Mom: Seeking Balance

These past couple of months have been interesting. I have been a full-time working mom for over 5 years. There are still seasons in my life where I am so confused about how to balance everything…when to balance, what to balance, how to balance, what to drop, what to pick up, how to stay organized, how to prioritize, how much or how little to clean, finding hobbies…all while putting, God, my husband, and my children in order at the top. 

I have debated many times even dropping this blog. I know I will never have the huge presence that many other blogs have, and that is totally okay since that has never been my goal. However, one of my main goals is to inspire other working moms and it is hard to reach out and network when I don’t even have time to sweep my kitchen floor every night.

Fortunately, I am inspired by so many of you! If it weren’t for the encouragement and comments that I have received I probably would have stopped blogging a long time ago. There really is very little out there for working moms, let alone blogs that try to be encouraging and inspiring. So for now I will do my best to find more time to blog, write, think out loud, and cheer all of you on, too!!

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  1. Nicole says

    I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your posts. I have an 11 mo old son, and I worked as a critical care RN before he was born. I am not a working mom at this time, because we are stationed overseas and the ICU here will not hire me part-time. Due to my husband’s schedule and childcare options, working full-time isn’t an option. I love being home with my son, but I greatly miss being a nurse. I struggle with this and feel guilty over it because everyone tells me how “lucky” I am. I feel like I shouldn’t feel dissatisfied with being home, even though I wouldn’t trade this time with him for anything. So even though we are coming from different sides, I wanted you to know that I can relate to your posts and I appreciate your blog!

    • says

      Nicole, thanks so much!! You spoke so tactfully and it means a lot that you would take time to comment from a slightly different perspective. I work with a lot of NICU nurses and I know how much work it takes to work an in ICU. I truly hope that you enjoy this special time but I know that it must be hard to miss being a nurse. Thank you again for your encouragement!

  2. JulieL says

    Thanks for the encouragement! Every boost is worth reading no matter when it is posted! I feel like most the blogs out there are all SAHM or WAHM and it is different having a full day of work outside of the home and it needs a different type of encouragement so Thanks!

    • says

      Thanks, Julie!! I was very excited to get your comment and I am glad that this blog helps in any way! I seriously appreciate your encouragement.

  3. says

    No! Never quit. Your blog has been a shining light to me from Day 1 of going back to work. I’ve sat and cried and prayed about struggling with going back to work and as if God brought you straight to me-I found your blog. You always post the perfect thing at the perfect time. God is using you and this blog!

    Also, think of it this way-as working moms we don’t have the time to read a blog that’s been updated daily or even weekly! Don’t feel pressured to keep up with other blogs.

    Also, when I talk about your blog or you in general to my husband. All the help you’ve given me over email or the BW forum, I call you ‘my friend Bethany’.

    So aside from begging you-lol. I totally agree with finding balance. I’ve only been a working mom about 9 months now, but still-wow. It’s so hard. I decided last night I was going to research more on how to structure and balance my day. I feel so lost at the end of the day.

    • says

      Oh, Lacey. I love getting your comments and emails!! You have become such a sweet friend and I wanted to cry when I read what you wrote. THANK YOU! You made me laugh about not having the time to read a blog regularly anyway…so true!!

      I really can’t tell you how much your words meant today. You totally ministered to me! Thank you for the inspiration to keep writing!!!

  4. says

    Bethany! Don’t quit, please! I agree with the ladies above, you’ve been such an encouragement. I work part time and have two kids, and there just are not Christian working moms blogging out there that are like you. Thank you for your time, insight and commitment to your family, work and this blog! Its appreciated!

    • says

      Katie, you are fantastic!! Thank you for the compliment!! AND encouragement. I was overwhelmed by the support today. I am blessed!

  5. says

    I think you are doing a wonderful service for working moms. What I love is that you are a working mom who is doing much more than making it through the day! You’re prioritizing and making sure your husband, kids and family have all that they need and more. Besides, if all the other working moms are just making it through the day, who’s going to blog?!

    • says

      Maureen, you’re awesome! Thanks for the pep talk and encouragement!! I’m very touched that my priorities shine through my little bit of writing, and your words were exactly what I needed!

  6. says

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