Working Mom Idea: Easy Cloth Trainers

This is one of my very favorite ideas thus far! If you have a sewing machine and can zig-zag, you are set! My total cost was about $3 per trainer, and it took maybe 1 hour to do all six.

Easy DIY cloth trainers

These trainers are absolutely perfect for potty training…even if you don’t cloth diaper. They are very helpful for that in between stage of not always making it to the potty in time (aka wanting to play instead of going to potty despite incentive) but not wanting to use diapers anymore. I would not recommend them for overnight unless you have a very light wetter. You could try more layers or more PUL, but we still use our regular cloth diapers with an extra insert at bedtime. I am a big fan of potty training early, but it has been a gradual process with our daughter especially. These trainers are perfect “big girl panties.” She loves her big girl underwear, and I love keeping our leather couch protected. Even my husband was pretty impressed, as much as a dad can be impressed while potty training a girl.

I am going to post the link to the tutorial I used. If you have any questions, please let me know. I used the cheap PUL from JoAnns but have not had any issues with it separating. Note: these are not leak proof and do not hold more than 1-2 accidents. They do, however, allow toddlers to feel wet and protect clothing/furniture more so than regular underwear. Great for running errands or eating out! I throw them in our diaper pail and wash with her nighttime diapers, but you can also wash with other normally soiled laundry. Happy sewing!!

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  1. says

    This sounds like a great idea! I’d love to hear your thoughts on early potty training. I’m purchasing cloth swim diapers to start to get my husband used to the idea. He’s protesting cloth, lol.

    • says

      I emailed Lacey more in depth and would be glad to give more info to anyone else about cloth diapers. I honestly love using cloth diapers, swim diapers, and trainers. I wouldn’t do it differently unless disposables were pretty much free. I don’t have much, if any, experience with early potty training. Supposedly that’s an advantage with cloth, but my son wore disposable up until 26 months and potty trained before my daughter. My daughter is now 30 months and nowhere close to being potty trained while using cloth. Very different personalities and very different issues. I am actually a huge fan of early potty training, ideally before age 2, but obviously that doesn’t always work.

      Now I’m on a spiel 😉 Ask me if you want more info lol.

  2. Stephanie says

    I was thinking of making these for my son (25 months) but using fleece instead of PUL. We were a fan of fleece diapers. I wondered if you had any experience with using fleece instead and how many layers you would recommend? We are not PT yet, but plan to this summer. Thanks!

    • says

      I don’t have any experience with fleece. I tried fleece liners once and just didn’t have the right kind of fleece. I decided to use the PUL, even though it was the cheap kind from Joanns, just to be more accident proof but I don’t know why a good fleece wouldn’t help at least some. Let me know if you try it and how it works! I’d love to post it as an alternative! We’re still using the original one that I made over 6 months later!

  3. says

    Bethany! I’m back. I just bought the materials to make these today. Elijah’s almost 20 months and we’re going to PT in 3 weeks! I’m super excited and nervous. I was curious when you used these trainers. We’re trying the Rosemond method (I’ll take 3 days off work and have the weekend so 5 full days). Did you only use these at night and naptime?

    Oh and also for any of your other readers-we’ve now been in cloth for 7 months and are loving it. I’m almost sad to PT because I’ll miss the diapers :D. Thanks for the advice and encouragement!

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