Working Mom Favorite Product: Snap Me

I really don’t know if I’ve been more excited about a a product in a long time. Whoever said potty training a girl was easier needs to come help me! It has been in progress for months!

Penny Plaid

Not only does this product made potty training at the pool SO EASYit makes getting ready to go swimming easier. These swim suits for girls are seriously one of my favorite things I have ever bought for my daughter. Anything that makes my life as a working mom significantly easier has my highest vote.

These swim suits from Snap Me go over their head and then snap between their legs. There are two rows of snaps for growth and comfort. The BEST part is being at the pool and needing to go potty. I am sure they are awesome for diaper changes too. We use cloth swim diapers for my daughter but used disposable for my son. There is nothing like needing to get a wet swim suit back over a wet swim diaper for a false alert or trying to figure out where to put said wet swim diaper and said wet swim suit while finagling wet toddler on potty. Let’s not even talk about getting to a wet dirty diaper.  Girl swim suits seem to be getting made smaller and tighter too!

Are these not some of the cutest, most wholesome looking little swimsuits…that SNAP OFF!!!

Patriotic Polka Dots

I am also listing the link for Baby Steals Network. SnapMe has been on sale there twice and has some cool pictures of past styles. Oh, and they have free shipping on the SnapMe site!

Photo Source: Snap Me

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