Don’t let guilt get in the way of good parenting

by Maureen Monfore

Do you have working mom guilt? Does your guilt affect your parenting?


It’s easy to understand that working moms will feel guilty at times. We want to be home with our kids. We feel like we should be the ones at home with them, teaching them important lessons and being there for them when they need us.

Just knowing that this guilt is common can help keep it at bay. But we need to consciously do so to make sure it doesn’t take over other areas of our lives.

One way that guilt can really creep in on our lives is with discipline. When we’re feeling guilty about not being there for a child who was bullied at school, it can be hard to turn around and discipline him when it’s called for.

Say it’s days or weeks after the episode with the bully, and your son turns around and acts like a bully toward a friend. What do you do? You want to be sympathetic. You want to forget that the initial bullying episode even happened. It makes you feel guilty when the word “bully” is ever uttered.

So what do you do? Do you even notice that your son acted like a bully? Do you try to ignore it in an attempt to rid yourselves of all bullying in your lives? Or do you set your guilt aside and discipline the child?

If the guilt weren’t there, would you even second-guess yourself? Probably not. If you have a high standard for your child and believe bullying is wrong, you would discipline the child.

Don’t let guilt get in the way of good parenting. Easier said than done. I know. But simply being aware of our guilt and how it affects our parenting is the first big step to not letting it consume us.

Maureen Monfore blogs at and is the author of Live in Harmony with First-Time Obedience, an eBook that gives parents step-by-step instructions to train their children to obey.

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