Big thank you to working moms!

This post is way overdue! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was evaluating whether to keep blogging

, and the response I received overwhelmed me!! I truly cannot thank each of you enough for encouraging me to keep blogging and writing for other working moms. It was exactly what I needed and I only hope I inspire others half as much as I was inspired. That’s what this whole blog is about…encouragement and inspiration…when we need it the most. Whether it’s going back to work for the first time after baby, pumping at work, balancing responsibilities…we all find ways to encourage each other. I got a big kick out of a couple of your comments about working moms not having time to read a daily blog anyway!!! So THANKS!

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  1. Janet says

    This made me smile! Seriously, when do we get thanked? Right back at you… Thanks for all YOU do!

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