Balance series

I am not a podcast listener. I don’t listen to sermons if I missed church that week. I *admit* that the sermon is not always my favorite part of church.


At least it wasn’t until our last church. I think one of the hardest things during relocating last year was losing our church. We still have not found a church that is even similar 10 months later. I loved that church so much that I still listen to podcasts from there, and whenever I used to miss church I was most excited about going the next week to get a copy of the sermon. The church we attended is called The Quest, and it is a United Methodist Church. The pastor, John Kenney, is a fantastic pastor…and teacher. I almost always laugh out loud in my car all by myself on the way to work, but I always walk away feeling charged, called, and convicted. It’s just an amazing experience.

Source: The Quest Church

Earlier this month, he did a series on Balance. Hmmm, I figured I’d probably get quite a bit out of it :) I was right, and I wanted to blog about it…but there were so many one-liners and lessons that I pulled from it that I couldn’t really even summarize it. At some point I need to sit down and write notes from it. John covers everything from prioritizing, to being present, to learning how to say no…this is all just from just one week in the series. I could probably get 100 blog topics just from this series!! However, my favorite time to listen is on my way to work. Technology is beautiful! So instead of trying to explain it, I thought it might be better just to give you the link.

Since we don’t really have a TON of spare time, I’ll still come back and try to post about too. I know it’s a little weird recommending podcasts from a church you’ve never been to and that I don’t even attend anym

ore…but I promise it won’t disappoint!!! So please check these out if you need a good pick me up on the way to or from work!

Here is the iTunes link: There are also links to listen online or download here. Off to make my “stop doing” list…!

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