Babywise Week: Happy Healthy Mama

Welcome, Maryea! Babywise Week ends on a great and especially yummy note with guest blogger, Maryea, from Happy Healthy Mama. Maryea is a fellow babywise mom, but her blog is a beautiful site for healthy recipes.

After having children, Maryea realized how passionate she was about blogging, which was a perfect patch for her passion for healthy food. I have always admired her pictures of her recipes but today…well, I think this is one of the best pictures yet.

Seriously, how much better does this get?! Well, even better! Today’s recipe uses 5 ingredients. Five. Talk about working mom friendly. Get this, the main ingredient is…bananas. I am seriously making it this weekend while my kids are at Camp Grandpa & Grandma. For them, when they get back, of course! Ok, maybe I will be making two so there is some left.

Thank you, Maryea, for such healthy and beautiful and easy recipes! I am so happy to feature a blog for healthy, kid-friendly recipes. Cutting out processed food and using whole foods is a passion of mine, too, and I am delighted to introduce her blog to you!









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